Life is more complicated than ever. Challenges arise which may be too overwhelming to bear on your own or you may feel too depressed or anxious to come up with workable solutions. Maybe you feel like you don't know who you are anymore or have lost a meaningful connection with an important person in your life. Know that you are not alone.

Working with a therapist who is a compassionate, nonjudgmental listener and who offers insight, ideas and a safe place to explore thoughts, beliefs and feelings can help. You are not "broken" and my goal is to help you allow your healthy Self* to take charge.

You are worth the extra care that a calm, accepting therapeutic relationship represents. I understand that making this decision can be overwhelming and you may have many important questions about how this works and whether or not this is right for you. I hope that my website will answer all of your questions however I am more than happy to have a conversation about your particular situation.

*About the Self

I believe that we all have a healthy Self which holds answers to our problems and a capacity for healing. Sometimes "parts" get in the way and the Self is not available. Getting to know our parts, or inner voices, is a step toward harmony and better relationships. I am trained in the Internal Family Systems Model of therapy and enjoy this model because it is respectful and non-pathologizing. Here is an article explaining these concepts more fully.


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