Although it may feel like it sometimes, you are not broken, and you are not alone. You have a healthy Self that holds wisdom and a capacity for healing. A warm, accepting therapeutic relationship can provide a safe place to explore the thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that might be getting in the way of a strong sense of Self energy and inner peace and harmony.

You are worth the extra care of a calm, compassionate and accepting therapeutic relationship.



Common Questions

I understand that taking this important step might be overwhelming. I encourage you to explore this site and hope that the information provided is useful. Here are some often asked questions and answers about therapy.


Helpful Forms

Some clients prefer to complete the paperwork in advance of their scheduled appointment, taking their time to read the forms, thinking about them and coming prepared with questions.



For those whose situations are more urgent or who are in a crisis that cannot wait for a therapy session, here are some local and national resources.