Welcome the Part

Once people become aware of their parts, they will know that the thoughts, feelings and physical sensations that come up are certain parts that make up who they are. These parts may have been around a long time and grew out of a need to cope or adapt to their home environment growing up. You may find that you have parts which have functioned in such a way that was once helpful, but is now part of the problem. You may want to silence the part, make it go away or make it stop. Guess what happens? The parts become louder and stronger when they are not heard.  

A healthy Self knows that these parts will always be here, accepts them and extends some compassion and love towards them. Welcome that part because it truly wants something good for you and when it feels welcomed and appreciated, it will quiet down a bit. Your loving, calm, curious and compassionate presence will help that part trust you. Love your whole Self for you would not be who you are without your parts.

Paula Pohlhammer